Private Coaching

Preston Ni offers expert private coaching face to face, by phone, and on-line. Common coaching topics include executive and management communication, leadership development, soft power, professional and personal mentoring, voice improvement, accent reduction, interview success, presentation confidence, communication confidence, conversation savvy, cross-cultural understanding, conflict resolution, career identification, body language analysis, and professional image development.

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  • "He...sees abilities and drive in others even when they do not, and through his excellent communication skills brings out the best in all that he encounters." - Jim Bonstein, Prof. of Comm. Studies, Merced College
  • "I took a personal communication coaching session with Preston. We focused on how I speak, my body language and my presentation skills. The great thing is, he'd observe me doing one of the above, then will offer some suggestions. We'd practice the new routine immediately. And fine tune it till we are both happy with the results. Preston's feedback is very 'pointed and actionable. His services are affordable. He is very understanding and sensitive to the student's communication strengths and weaknesses. And he is a pleasure to work with. I'd highly recommend him to anybody who is looking to improve their communication skills." - Sujee Maniyam, Lead Engineer, Uloop
  • "Preston is an outstanding communication coach whom I would highly recommend to any person looking for effective ways to optimize communication skills. His great understanding of crucial link between people's backgrounds, root cultures and their communication styles allows him to easily identify the right approach and methodologies for a successful enhancement of their communication capacity. He is an extremely personable individual who without doubt is very well connected with himself. He projects a very positive energy, which is an additional advantage to those who seek to achieve that state of being themselves...he serves as a role model." - Margaret Kannout, Software Business Professional
  • "Preston Ni is perhaps the most important contact one can have. His workshops and private coaching sessions are tools that can benefit everyone regardless of position or past experience. His approach to working with individuals and building confidence is highly effective and I can recommend Preston based on personal success that is a result of his input." - Steve Fontenot, QA Manager
  • "I'm extremely happy after deciding to try out Preston's private coaching sessions. Preston's energy is infectious. Armed with his insights and advice, I have been able to stretch myself and really improve my professional speaking and leadership skills." - Karolina Buchner, Applied Research, Yahoo!
  • "Soon after Prof. Ni's instruction on how to improve my voice, one of my colleagues noticed the difference...Another colleague said, ""You are now enunciating vowels much clearly, which makes it easier for listners to understand your English.""...I have been able to deliver technical supports and consultations in the US and European markets with more confidence and efficiency." - Shuji Mochida, Technical Director
  • "Preston...provides his students with effective, life-changing techniques that they can utilize immediately in their daily lives. He is also incredibly patient and attentive to his clients' needs, listening to their speech delivery, and giving individualized feedback and suggestions. After applying his techniques, I feel far more confident in my skills as a speaker and manager. I highly recommend Preston Ni." - Ella Gotesman, Research Supervisor, Zenrin USA
  • "Just wanted to share the news that I have been accepted to both UC Davis and UCLA schools of medicine. I felt more confident after meeting with you and better prepared to respond during the Multi Mini Interviews." - Viviana Ruiz, Medical Student
  • "Thank you for all of your help! I went years without a full-time job and now I have one. You are worth your weight in gold!" - Adam Wies, Education Professional
  • "I just wanted to share the news and thank you for all your help. I passed my architectural (oral) exam!" - Julio Espinoza, Architect
  • "Yes! I got the offer and used my "confident communication" skills to negotiate!" - L.M., Program Manager
  • "Preston taught me vocal exercises and techniques customized to my needs, and I can see the immediate improvement!"- Tuntun Linn, Technical Consultant, Hewlett-Packard
  • "(Preston's) private coaching will definitely give you a jump start …it is a great investment in one’s growth. He sees and believes in one’s potential. His dedication and insight will help you stay focused on your goals and greatly increase your chances of success."- Angelyn Tuazon, Administrative Professional
  • "I consulted with Preston individually for resume review and job campaign strategy. I also attended his Interview Workshop. Both experiences were very helpful. Preston had an easygoing analytic way of helping me get my job hunting act together."- A.A., Senior Software Engineer
  • "I highly value your cultural insights and your comments on my personal image. I think I will be much better prepared to get my points across." - Silicon Valley Professional
  • "I cannot believe that in one hour, you can actually show me how to find peace in the workplace and it actually WORKS." - Silicon Valley Professional
  • "There are few people who are as enthusiastic and passionate about their work as Preston Ni. He is an extremely professional and dedicated educator, with a genuine interest in seeing his students/clients develop on both a professional and personal level. His extensive knowledge of inter-personal/cross-cultural communication and enthusiasm for his work make him an effective instructor." - Cynthia Hsu, AmeriCorps-American Red Cross