Preston Ni is a professor, coach, trainer, and course designer in the areas of interpersonal effectiveness, professional communication, cross-cultural understanding, and organizational change.

With twenty years of experience, Preston's dynamic presentations and powerful coaching have benefited thousands worldwide. He has worked with companies including Fortune 500 stalwarts Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Lockheed Martin, Intel, Visa, and eBay, as well as coached executives, managers, and private individuals to identify their catalyst for success.

Preston received a Master of Science Degree in Business Administration, and is tenured faculty of the Communication Studies Department at Foothill College in Silicon Valley, California. He holds a certificate in the Management Development Program at Harvard University, and is an Alumnus Fellow of the Stanford University Human Rights Education Initiative.

His articles and commentaries appear in publications including USA Today, The Oprah Magazine, and Asian Week. He is the recipient of the Diversity Leadership Award in Teaching and Learning, and the inaugural recipient of the Silicon Valley Speak-Up Distinguished Speaker of the Year award.

Preston is the author of "Communication Success with Four Personality Types" and "How to Communicate Effectively and Handle Difficult People." He is also keynote speaker on the DVD program "Cross-Cultural Communication: East and West," featured on the Business and Technology Network and the National Technological University Network.

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  • "He...sees abilities and drive in others even when they do not, and through his excellent communication skills brings out the best in all that he encounters." - Jim Bonstein, Prof. of Comm. Studies, Merced College
  • "I have come away from his workshops, brimming with new learning, new perspectives and inspiration. He is a wonderful person with a big heart." - Jitendra Mudhol, Embedded Systems Consultant, Infonics
  • "So much was offered in such an amazingly short time. Enlightening and inspirational!" - Jeane Yee, S.F. Dept. of Public Works
  • "Preston Ni was invaluable as a communication trainer and coach during an executive coaching project. Preston quickly outlined an excellent strategy to improve the executives communication techniques and they worked very well. I highly recommend Preston because he is highly skilled and also has highest integrity." - Michael J. Milbier, MBA, Learning & Development Manager
  • "I feel that I'm now more confident than I've ever been, and very happy about myself. I believe that comes from your communication class." - Hiromi Mochizuki, Student
  • "Everything he covers is in depth and useful. I would recommend his workshops to everyone!" - Kolleen Dyson, Program Manager, NECLAM
  • "The (interview) information I received was immensely helpful...I was offered two positions and was holding out for the last interview...He offered me the job on the spot!" - Deena Shi, Office Manager
  • "...I applied all that I had learnt from your class. It worked like a charm. I am now on the project and I was able to effectively project myself into a bigger role." - Jitendra Mudhol, Embedded Systems Consultant, Infonics
  • "With his guidance, I have been able to achieve more than I thought was possible." - Darci Radloff-Riker, Instructional Designer

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